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Meet the newest addition to our Massage Extraordinaire team, Jeannie Cherubini!Jeannie Cherubini is a certified Massage Therapist as well as a licensed Esthetician.  
She has nearly 16 years of experience in the health and wellness field.
Jeannie's Massage Techniques:Deep TissueSwedishTrigger Point TherapyShiatsuLymphatic DrainageCranial SacralReflexologyHot StonePre- and Post-NatalReikiJeannie holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and is currently obtaining a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine.  She will then be adding Acupuncture to the therapeutic treatments she provides to her clients.
Jeannie also enjoys the outdoors, yoga, spending time with her family and friends, and dreaming of her next adventure. WELCOME JEANNIE!Massage Extraordinaire
4848 Tecolote Road
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 295-3516

ACUPUNCTURE - What is it, What are its Benefits, Does it Hurt??? etc.


Meet Roisin and Learn About Cupping---

Hi!  My name is Roisin Thompson.  I have been a massage therapist for the past 3 years.  Besides practicing massage at Massage Extraordinaire, I also am a acupuncturist.  My favorite modality for muscular pain is Cupping.  I use it often to accelerate recovery and ease local tension.
You may first have been exposed to cupping during the Rio Olympics when Michael Phelps used it as a medical therapy to help him win his most recent gold and silver medals!  I wanted to share some more information about this ancient Chinese medical practice.
Benefits of Cupping -Increase in circulation by decompressing the connective tissue surrounding tight musclesSpeeds healing and decreases recovery time by allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen into the muscle and carrying away metabolic wasteSpeeds recovery from athletic eventsReduces chronic painRelieves local tension"I have found cupping to be successful for students and professionals with tight shoulders, lumbar pain, muscle tension due to nerve…

CYCLING - The Benefits of Massage for Cyclists

The Many Benefits of Massage for Cyclists (of all levels)

Not only is Tammara an Extraordinary massage therapist, she is also an avid cyclist. Tammara gets a massage at least once a month and sometimes more often if she's dealing with a particular issue.  Her philosophy, "The better I take care of myself, the better my body takes care of me."
Massage Benefits for Cyclists: Help loosen tight spotsPromotes recovery by flushing out toxic chemicalsKeeps your fibers smooth and limberRelieves post-exercise painBoosts heart healthPrevents injury with the help of stretchingEnhances performanceFeels good!! Tammara shares how massage can benefit all parts of the body, which take a beating from cycling. "Massage helps TREMENDOUSLY for a cyclist.  Anyone who spends an hour or more in the same position on a bike will tell you that their low back, neck and shoulders can start complaining.  At the same time the lower body is taking a beating as the muscles are working hard to power …

WELCOME to Roisin Thompson

Introducing Roisin Thompson --- We are excited to announce that Roisin Thompson recently joined the extraordinary staff of Massage Extraordinaire!  Not only does Roisin have top notch experience as a massage therapist, she also offers acupuncture to the multitude of massage services we provide! Roisin is a Florida native who currently lives in Ocean Beach.  For as long as she can remember, Roisin has been involved in athletics, fitness and personal health care.  Some other highlights about Roisin: High school competitive swimmer Graduate of Florida State University ; Exercise Science major  Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach  through NSCA Personal trainer Age group swim coach Sarasota School of Massage Therapy Licensed massage therapist in 2013 Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine - East West College of Natural Medicine - graduated with honors in 2015 Since Rosin graduated with her Master's in Oriental Medicine , she has focused on the study of sports medicine acu…