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Chair Massages - Perfect for so many different occasions...

CHAIR MASSAGESA GREAT way to Entertain Friends, Family, Co-workers, Clients, etc.Are you looking for an unique activity for your next function? Consider scheduling chair massages. People LOVE them since they're relaxing, fun and different!
We have given chair massages (with rave reviews) at: Birthday PartiesAnniversary CelebrationsWedding/Bridal PartiesThank You to Work AssociatesThank You to ClientsCompany PartiesExhibitions/Conventions - a wonderful way to draw people to your exhibit/boothGolf Tournaments, Sporting EventsYOU NAME IT, WE WILL COME!!
Individual massages from 5 - 30 minutes
Two-hour minimum per event

Call Massage Extraordinaire at (619) 295-3516
to schedule your Chair Massage Event!

We know your attendees will leave your special event
feeling Happy & Relaxed!

Did you ever think of getting a massage for your dog?

Massage for Four-Legged Clients
Did you know that there are massage therapists that specialize on four-legged clients, such as horses and dogs?  Massage therapists work in veterinarian offices, barns, tack rooms - wherever their animal clients call home.  Some therapists work on people, their horses and their dogs. There are some therapists that began their massage career working on humans while others specialized on animals first.  
"Many pet owners willingly invest in services to enhance their animal's well-being, even when they won't spend the money on themselves."   It is expected that US spending on pets will top $55 billion in 2013!
Animal massage therapists not only work on horses and dogs; they also may work on cats, ferrets, minks, rabbits, goats and sheep.  Massage can be used to help deliver babies by using acupressure points to help with contractions.
Interesting Fact - Often pets and their owners seem to suffer from the same ailments.  Active owners with…

Introducing Massage Extraordinaire's Client of the Month -

Roberto has been a weekly client of Massage Extraordinaire since August 2009. He has been an avid tennis player since he started playing the sport at the age of 12.
Roberto is a native of Mexico.  In 1985 he moved to San Diego.
Since 1995, Roberto has played in tennis tournaments -  both at the local and the national level. He was ranked #1 in San Diego and #2 in 5.5 Southern California in 2002 -  both in singles and in doubles! He plays tennis at least 5 times a week and competes in about 15 tennis tournaments a year.
Roberto has received a deep tissue/stretch massage weekly since 2005! He understands the importance of stretching,  stretching for 15 minutes after he plays tennis.
Roberto's philosophy on massage: "I believe that in order to keep my body healthy, pain free and flexible, I have to take care of it.  Weekly massages coupled with my chiropractor visits  allow me to keep playing at the rate that I do. Most people my age can't play every day; they are always hurti…

Did you Know...???

1)  LOVES San Diego - is a San Diego native and plans to live here forever
2)  Is also a Personal Trainer (since 2004)
3)  Her Personal Training Specialties are: Strength Training Balance Stability Flexibility
4)  Her MASSAGE SPECIALTIES are: Sportsmassage Deep Tissue Massage Injury Rehabilitation Stretching
5)  Works with Seniors 
7)  Loves her dogs & loves going HIKING with them
8) Tammara's Other Passions include:   Weight Training Reading Learning Theatre


Massage Extraordinaireis Proud to WelcomeAshley Romo!
Ashley began working at Massage Extraordinaire on July 4th!   She moved to San Diego with her son three weeks prior from Santa Barbara.  Already she has received GREAT compliments from the happy clients she has massaged!
Ashley has 7 years experience doing massage.   Prior to that time, she worked in sports medicine for 4 years, working with student athletes.   Her specialties are sports massage, deep tissue and hot stone massage!
Ashley states, "My passion has always been to take care of the well being of athletes of all ages."
Ashley loves hiking, going to the beach, kick boxing, and going to the movies.
Her philosophy is "They say you only have one life to live and I'm going to live in it every moment I can!"
Massage Extraordinaire is proud to have Ashley join our team!

Meet Our Birthday Girl - Massage Therapist, BARBARA COX

And, Here's Barbara Cox... Our Birthday Girl
Today, June 27th, is the birthday of a very special person who is one of our wonderful massage therapists, Barbara Cox.  Barbara was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to the United States in 1994.  She is now a very proud U.S. citizen.

Barbara has been a massage therapist since 2004.  Since joining Massage Extraordinaire, she works with Olympic athletes, WTA tennis players, San Diego Chargers, and the USA Rugby teams.

When Barbara is not massaging at Massage Extraordinaire, she is very busy raising three children, who range in age from 5 to 17 years of age.  Barbara also is a personal trainer and teaches a variety of fitness classes, including body sculpting, cardio boxing, spin, Pilates and step classes.  She also massages and teaches Pilates to seniors.  They love her great enthusiasm for life.

Another passion of Barbara's is mountain climbing.  Her next goal is to climb Mt. Whitney.

Barbara is an extremely positive person with…

REFLEXOLOGY - What is it?

REFLEXOLOGY - massage to relieve tension by finger pressure; based on the belief that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head that are connected to every part of the body. Reflexology is normally done without the use of oil, cream or lotion.
The following charts show how parts of your feet correspond to different body parts:

In general, the benefits of reflexology have to do with the reduction of stress.  Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset the body's equilibrium.
Improves: RelaxationBlood flow to the feet, brain, kidneys and intestinesPost-operative recoveryMedical careMental health - reduces depression and anxietyComplements cancer care - easing pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or anxiety for chemotherapy patientsPregnancy, delivery and post-partum effectsDecreases: PainWhen you call the San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club at (619) 295-3516 to book your next massage, let…

Hurry to Purchase the PERFECT Father's Day Package

The PERFECT Father's Day Package Hurry, Hurry, Hurry LESS Than 1 WEEK  Until Father's Day - Sunday, June 6th
Massage Extraordinaire has partnered with The Tennis Company (Pro Shop) at the San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club and three of the Club's wonderful trainers (Dian, Shanna & Norm) to offer the PERFECT Father's Day package for all the wonderful men in your life!
This package includes: MASSAGE - 90 minutesPlush robe with Massage Extraordinaire's embroidered emblem (Limited Supply)$10 Savings toward a Racquet Stringing by the Tennis Company$10 Savings toward Individual Personal Training Session with Dian, Shanna or Norm at the San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club (New clients only.  Schedule with the trainer directly.)This package is ONLY $155 ($220 Value) so you SAVE $65!
To Purchase this wonderful package CALL Today - (619) 977-5593 and speak to Marsha OR Purchase at San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club front desk.
(You must present gift certificate at time of s…

Are you familiar with Sports Massage?

Did You Know? SPORTS MASSAGE...Promotes Flexibility to Decrease Risk of Injury Improves Endurance Reduces Post-Workout Recovery Time Offers Balance to Training Regimen Increases Blood Flow Increases Joint Range of Motion Improves Relaxation & Sense of Well-Being Decreases Fatigue & Anxiety
All of the massage therapists at Massage Extraordinaire specialize in Sports Massage and provide therapeutic massage to many athletes in the San Diego area.
The BEST Gift A Massage Gift Package A GREAT gift for all the Dads in your life! To Purchase Gift Certificates: 1)  Front Desk at San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club 4848 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110 (near Sea World) 2)  Purchase through our Web Site 3)  Call Marsha at (619) 977-5593 Massage Extraordinaire provides bottled water, robes, and towels. All guests have use of the steamroom, sauna, showers, jacuzzi, and individual lockers. (Note: SDTRC jacuzzi is outdoors and you must wear a swimsuit).

We are the PERFECT gift!