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Introducing Massage Extraordinaire's Client of the Month -

Roberto has been a weekly client of Massage Extraordinaire since August 2009. He has been an avid tennis player since he started playing the sport at the age of 12.
Roberto is a native of Mexico.  In 1985 he moved to San Diego.
Since 1995, Roberto has played in tennis tournaments -  both at the local and the national level. He was ranked #1 in San Diego and #2 in 5.5 Southern California in 2002 -  both in singles and in doubles! He plays tennis at least 5 times a week and competes in about 15 tennis tournaments a year.
Roberto has received a deep tissue/stretch massage weekly since 2005! He understands the importance of stretching,  stretching for 15 minutes after he plays tennis.
Roberto's philosophy on massage: "I believe that in order to keep my body healthy, pain free and flexible, I have to take care of it.  Weekly massages coupled with my chiropractor visits  allow me to keep playing at the rate that I do. Most people my age can't play every day; they are always hurti…

Did you Know...???

1)  LOVES San Diego - is a San Diego native and plans to live here forever
2)  Is also a Personal Trainer (since 2004)
3)  Her Personal Training Specialties are: Strength Training Balance Stability Flexibility
4)  Her MASSAGE SPECIALTIES are: Sportsmassage Deep Tissue Massage Injury Rehabilitation Stretching
5)  Works with Seniors 
7)  Loves her dogs & loves going HIKING with them
8) Tammara's Other Passions include:   Weight Training Reading Learning Theatre


Massage Extraordinaireis Proud to WelcomeAshley Romo!
Ashley began working at Massage Extraordinaire on July 4th!   She moved to San Diego with her son three weeks prior from Santa Barbara.  Already she has received GREAT compliments from the happy clients she has massaged!
Ashley has 7 years experience doing massage.   Prior to that time, she worked in sports medicine for 4 years, working with student athletes.   Her specialties are sports massage, deep tissue and hot stone massage!
Ashley states, "My passion has always been to take care of the well being of athletes of all ages."
Ashley loves hiking, going to the beach, kick boxing, and going to the movies.
Her philosophy is "They say you only have one life to live and I'm going to live in it every moment I can!"
Massage Extraordinaire is proud to have Ashley join our team!