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Employee Appreciation Day Friday, March 2nd

Happy employees are good employees. Nothing makes a person happier in their employment than knowing that their employer appreciates the hard word and dedication that  consistently they give.  
What's especially fun for us at Massage Extraordinaire is being hired as a gift for for very grateful employees. We bring our chairs and our hands to your place of employment and depending on the number of employees and the time allowed, we give five to fifteen minute massages. Chair massage lends itself to a really good neck, shoulders and back massage, but it also is great for arms and hands. Everyone leaves with a big smile and a sense of true gratitude for this small break with big returns. We have been hired to bring our chairs to events as large  as a conference at the San Diego Convention Center to as small as a dentist office. Christmas is always a popular time for the gift of a chair massage and Employee Appreciation Day is a particularly appr…
💝The Gift of Massage💝 So Many Benefits!
Since massage is known to lower blood pressure, relax tension, reduce anxiety, depression and pain, bringing an overall since of well being, is there a better gift that you could possibly give to a loved one? We don't think so! To help you  pick out the perfect gift we have put together some incredible packages for your loved one, at reduced rates for you. We have even thrown in a can't-miss special to treat yourself! Have a very happy Valentines Day 💕💕💕