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Fascia's Role in Stiffness, Tightness & Pain

What is Fascia?
Fascia is the connective tissue that literally holds the entire body together. Imagine a whole roasting chicken that you would find at your grocery store. If you were to pull up on the skin of the chicken, you would see a substance that is attached underneath the skin and also to the muscle beneath it. It is clear, thin and sticky. This is the fascia.
How the fascia becomes damaged  and what happens when the fascia is damaged

Plantar fasciitis: Plantar, being the bottom of the foot and fasciitis (any word with "itis" at the end of it, means that something is inflamed and irritated). Put those two together and you have a recipe for very uncomfortable pain that can often takes weeks or months to rehabilitate. If you have ever experienced plantar fasciitis, you have unfortunately become acquainted with damaged fascia. This is just one common example of how the fascia can play a role in contributing to our various aches and pains. 
What to do?
There are many differen…

Be aware of what your body is telling you and listen to it!

There is no such thing as too many massages to be had but, considering that most of us don't have an endless supply of time or money, figuring out a massage plan is important. First of all focus in on what your desired result is. Are you recovering from a surgery or an injury? Have you been having chronic pain from a possible pinched nerve or have you been just completely stressed out and need to relax? Maybe none of the above applies and you are simply wanting to know often you should get a massage to help prevent any of these problems from happening in the first place. Read on to explore various reasons for getting massages and how often it is reasonable that you should find yourself on a massage table to obtain your desired results.
Injury/Surgery: Injury rehab is one of our specialties!  What happens when you are injured or have surgery is that scar tissue will develop in that area. More scar tissue develops than is necessary for the injured area. This impedes movement and can…

Not to be sexist, but men aren't as flexible!

There are exceptions to almost any rule, but in general males tends to be less flexible than females. Well, at least their bodies tend to be. Some of the reasons are scientific, such as the structure of the body and hormones as stated by many studies including a study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2010.  Other reasons are more anecdotal. Most men that I have worked with, including many professional athletes, admit that they do not stretch as much as they know they should. Also, many more women than men enjoy types of exercise regiments that incorporate stretching such as yoga. What ever the reasons, we need to loosen up our men! 

Flexibility. It's a wonderful word. The opposite would be rigidity and most of us aren't fans of that. I'm not only referring to muscles, but considering we are a massage establishment, the focus of this blog will be on muscle flexibility. 

The importance of muscle flexibility lies in the improved range of motion.…

Cramps! Help

Muscle Cramps Are The Worst!😬
 Some people experience cramping while on their bikes trying to finish a ride. Some will be assaulted with the pain towards the end of a marathon with the finishing banner just in sight. Others experience this piercing pain when they're trying to dose off to sleep.  Being a cyclist, I have participated in many cycling events and have seen riders on the side of the road, grabbing their hamstring, writhing in pain. Being a massage therapist I have seen calf cramps, foot cramps, side cramps, even little toe cramps while trying to give someone a relaxing, therapeutic or a sports massage. There are many ways and times that people will be overcome with cramping, but one thing is for sure, it's awful! Often massage therapists are asked about causes and remedies of this agonizing muscle phenomena. There are many different reasons why muscles cramp, but often it is due to dehydration, muscle fatigue and/or overall imbalance of electrolytes. "Eat a ban…
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Do This Trick & Your Sciatic Nerve Will Thank You!

What's A Piriformis? And Why Does It Need Releasing?
Tammara working on releasing piriformis tightness
If you've ever had a pain in your gluteus muscles (three buttocks muscles) that felt deep and possibly radiated down your outer thigh towards your knee and beyond, your piriformis might need to be released. It might surprise you to know that releasing this muscle can often help low back pain as well!

The piriformis muscle is a small muscle that if too tight can cause large problems. It is located under the gluteus and can be difficult to reach for treatment. The reason it is so important to be able to treat this area, is it's proximity to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve does not like to be crowded out by tight muscle. So, if your piriformis is squeezing your sciatic nerve that is near by, that nerve will trigger pain to let it be know that it isn't happy. If that pain is ignored, it becomes worse and will eventually work it's way down the path of the sciatic n…

Massage, Diet and Inflammation

What These Have in Common Might Surprise You!

What massage and diet have in common is the ability to help keep chronic inflammation under control. And controlling it can help your body feel much better.

Inflammation is the body's natural defense system against harmful influences that could damage tissues and lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, too much inflammation for too long a period of time can also be linked to these very same problems.

There can be many causes of chronic inflammation, and the food we eat plays a significantly large role in the body's ability to regulate it.  Stress is also linked to increased inflammation due to stress hormones, such as cortisol. So, there are two important ways that changes in your lifestyle can directly impact the amount of inflammation your body has to manage.... diet and stress management.

The first part of controlling inflammation is controlling the foods that we eat.  Basical…

Acupuncture for Springtime

Spring is here and along with it is the allergy symptoms that make us miserable. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help! Seasonal allergy symptoms can be eased through acupuncture by clearing sinus congestion, reducing inflammation and pain, treating cough, regulating the immune system to make it less reactive in the future and providing natural antibacterial and antiviral solutions.

In a study that was originally published on, study author Dr. Benno of the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics at Charite University Medical Center in Berlin wrote that "From my experience as a physician and acupuncturist, and as a researcher, I would recommend trying acupuncture if patients are not satisfied with the conventional anti-allergic medication or treatment or they suffer from more or less serious side effects of the conventional medication. Also because acupuncture is a relative safe treatment."

So bottom line is that if you are suffering fro…
Why did I wake up with a stiff neck?

In our practice we often hear clients that describe tightness and pain in different areas of their bodies and are perplexed as to why and how this happened. Read on to learn about a few possibilities of why this happens and how you can not only fix it, but prevent it from happening again.
One reason muscles act up is that they have been pushed beyond their limit of mobility. If your muscles have a limited range of motion due to stiffness and tightness, and for some reason are pushed passed their limit due to a stumble, fall or trying a new activity, that muscle is going to become sore at best and at worst tear.  There are significant tears that can happen in the muscle that are immediate, painful and require medical attention.  There are also micro-tears that happen over time and aren't as noticeable at first. These are the injuries that don't show up until you wake up one morning and are in a lot of discomfort. Often you will find yourself…
Go USA RUGBY!!! We Wish You The Best!
Check out this video about one of our regulars preparing for the Rugby 7s Las Vegas Tournament happening this weekend, including a visit to Marsha to help work out the kinks . All the players work so hard to compete their best. Receiving a sports massage is an important part of that preparation & recovery process for any competitive athlete. 
We have been privileged to work with the USA Rugby Team for years. AN EAGLE'S LIFE: PERRY BAKER An Eagle's Life: Perry Baker, features a day in the life of Perry Baker, World Rugby's 2018 Sevens Player of the Year, hosted by USA 7s Captain Madison Hughes. THERUGBYCHANNEL.TV
Many adults and children at San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club are playing in rugby leagues. Sports massage is great for adults and children alike. If you are a parent of a player, talk to us about setting up an appointment for a massage for your child that will include stretching. It is so important to include this to keep t…
Employee Appreciation Day Friday, March 2nd

Happy employees are good employees. Nothing makes a person happier in their employment than knowing that their employer appreciates the hard word and dedication that  consistently they give.  
What's especially fun for us at Massage Extraordinaire is being hired as a gift for for very grateful employees. We bring our chairs and our hands to your place of employment and depending on the number of employees and the time allowed, we give five to fifteen minute massages. Chair massage lends itself to a really good neck, shoulders and back massage, but it also is great for arms and hands. Everyone leaves with a big smile and a sense of true gratitude for this small break with big returns. We have been hired to bring our chairs to events as large  as a conference at the San Diego Convention Center to as small as a dentist office. Christmas is always a popular time for the gift of a chair massage and Employee Appreciation Day is a particularly appr…
💝The Gift of Massage💝 So Many Benefits!
Since massage is known to lower blood pressure, relax tension, reduce anxiety, depression and pain, bringing an overall since of well being, is there a better gift that you could possibly give to a loved one? We don't think so! To help you  pick out the perfect gift we have put together some incredible packages for your loved one, at reduced rates for you. We have even thrown in a can't-miss special to treat yourself! Have a very happy Valentines Day 💕💕💕

Sports Massage 

At Massage Extraordinaire we specialize in sports massage and deep tissue massage. We have worked with many athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, pro-soccer, tennis, rugby, sailing, golf and arena football. Sports massage is not just for the professionals though. The benefits of this type of massage are good for athletes of every kind from professionals to weekend warriors and everyone in between.

The focus of this type of massage will be specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Paying attention to areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements help the body recover faster. Recovery is key to pain relief, injury prevention and peak performance.

There are basically four types of sports massage:

Pre-event:  Usually a more stimulating massage that is directed toward the area of the body that will be involved in the sport.
Post-event: Is given an hour or two after an event to help normalize the body and help with faster recovery…
Barbara working her magic.
What Are "Knots"? 
Has your neck been stiff and sore? Getting a massage can be helpful to alleviate that pain in your neck. In skilled hands stiffness can be decreased by gentle manipulation of the muscles attached to the base of the skull and to the scapula (shoulder blade) area. Many times stiff muscles can constrict blood flow and contribute to headaches, so by releasing tension around the neck, head and shoulder area, relief can be found. Often clients ask about that "crunchy" sensation they feel as their therapist is working on adhesions (often referred to as knots). The area around the neck and shoulders often develop adhesions due to the high level of mobility in this area, but anywhere there is muscle, there can be knots.  Adhesions are basically sticky scar tissue that has developed in and around muscles that have been experiencing stress from possibly poor posture, new or difficult exercises, emotional tension or even sleeping pos…

Happy New Year!

We are here to help you make 2018 great! What is better than having a body that feels amazing?...pretty much, nothing. At Massage Extraordinaire we have many different types of services to help you reach that goal! Most people realize that we offer many different modalities of massage, facials and waxing, but did you know that we also offer acupuncture?  Meet Roisin and learn about how acupuncture can benefit you in this interesting article below.