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Sports Massage 

At Massage Extraordinaire we specialize in sports massage and deep tissue massage. We have worked with many athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, pro-soccer, tennis, rugby, sailing, golf and arena football. Sports massage is not just for the professionals though. The benefits of this type of massage are good for athletes of every kind from professionals to weekend warriors and everyone in between.

The focus of this type of massage will be specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Paying attention to areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements help the body recover faster. Recovery is key to pain relief, injury prevention and peak performance.

There are basically four types of sports massage:

Pre-event:  Usually a more stimulating massage that is directed toward the area of the body that will be involved in the sport.
Post-event: Is given an hour or two after an event to help normalize the body and help with faster recovery…
Barbara working her magic.
What Are "Knots"? 
Has your neck been stiff and sore? Getting a massage can be helpful to alleviate that pain in your neck. In skilled hands stiffness can be decreased by gentle manipulation of the muscles attached to the base of the skull and to the scapula (shoulder blade) area. Many times stiff muscles can constrict blood flow and contribute to headaches, so by releasing tension around the neck, head and shoulder area, relief can be found. Often clients ask about that "crunchy" sensation they feel as their therapist is working on adhesions (often referred to as knots). The area around the neck and shoulders often develop adhesions due to the high level of mobility in this area, but anywhere there is muscle, there can be knots.  Adhesions are basically sticky scar tissue that has developed in and around muscles that have been experiencing stress from possibly poor posture, new or difficult exercises, emotional tension or even sleeping pos…

Happy New Year!

We are here to help you make 2018 great! What is better than having a body that feels amazing?...pretty much, nothing. At Massage Extraordinaire we have many different types of services to help you reach that goal! Most people realize that we offer many different modalities of massage, facials and waxing, but did you know that we also offer acupuncture?  Meet Roisin and learn about how acupuncture can benefit you in this interesting article below.