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CYCLING - The Benefits of Massage for Cyclists

The Many Benefits of Massage for Cyclists (of all levels)

Not only is Tammara an Extraordinary massage therapist, she is also an avid cyclist. Tammara gets a massage at least once a month and sometimes more often if she's dealing with a particular issue.  Her philosophy, "The better I take care of myself, the better my body takes care of me."
Massage Benefits for Cyclists: Help loosen tight spotsPromotes recovery by flushing out toxic chemicalsKeeps your fibers smooth and limberRelieves post-exercise painBoosts heart healthPrevents injury with the help of stretchingEnhances performanceFeels good!! Tammara shares how massage can benefit all parts of the body, which take a beating from cycling. "Massage helps TREMENDOUSLY for a cyclist.  Anyone who spends an hour or more in the same position on a bike will tell you that their low back, neck and shoulders can start complaining.  At the same time the lower body is taking a beating as the muscles are working hard to power …