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Doesn't this look like fun?!? 

Chair massage is an easy way to obtain important health benefits.  As little as 15 minutes of chair massage a week has been proven to lower stress, reduce muscle tension, rejuvenate the mind and body, and increase focus.

Workplace Massage Benefits - Good for businessIncreases focus and mental alertnessReduces stress-induced illnessesReduces absenteeismReduces injuryIncreases productivityIncreases energyGREAT way to show associates APPRECIATION and Increase MORALEChair massage can be also be used for: Bridal and Wedding PartiesParties - Birthday, AnniversariesConventions/Conferences/Trade ShowsGolf Tournaments/Sporting EventsHealth FairsAs you can see, chair massage is not only FUN and RELAXING; it is also good for your health, both for your body and for your mind!
Massage Extraordinaire 4848 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110
We are available to provide chair massage at the San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club or at off-site locations in the San Diego area.

Integrated Massage - What We Do BEST!!

What is Integrated Massage? Good Question and Here's the Answer ---
On our website, we list Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage as our specialties, even though our massage therapists are adept with all massage techniques.  In actuality, most massages we give are Integrated Massages.  What does that mean?  They are individualized to your massage goal and what is going on with your body that day - so it's a combination of different massage specialties.  Your therapist will talk to you before your massage begins to understand what your unique needs are that day.  She will then create a treatment designed specifically for you!

You may decide that you would like a sports massage after you talk to your therapist since you are sore from playing tennis.  Your integrated massage may also include stretching.  Some deep tissue massage and acupressure may also be used to release chronic muscle tension and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.  Cross-fiber massage might b…

LAVENDER - This Week's Essential Oil...

The Benefits of Lavender The Most Versatile of all Essential Oils
1)  Fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing - both physically and emotionally Rub 2 - 3 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms then inhale the scent to calm the mindRub on your feet, temples, wristsUse in a diffuser 2)  Cleanse cuts, bruises and skin irritations To stop bleeding, clean wounds and kill bacteria 3)  Sleep aid Rub a drop of lavender oil on your palms and smooth on your pillowUse in a diffuser 4) Insect bite / Bee sting To stop itching and reduce swelling 5) Minor burns To decrease pain, redness and swelling 6) Eczema / Dermatitis Mix several drops of lavender oil with  coconut oil and use topically on eczema and dermatitis. 7) Nausea or motion sickness
Place a drop of lavender oil on end of tongue, around the navel or behind the ears. 8) Dry or chapped skin and chapped or sunburned lips
9) Dandruff Rub a few drops of lavender oil into to scalp. 10) Enhance flavors Add to water or tea, desserts or salad dr…

Wedding/Bridal Parties - How to Use Massage to Make Them Even More Special...

Wedding/Bridal Party Massage Are you planning a wedding (or know someone who is) this summer? 

Treat your bridal or bachelorette party to a special day of pampering! 

Massage can also be incorporated into rehearsal dinners and bridal showers.

Want to add a FUN, RELAXING feature to your event in preparation for the "BIG" day? We can help you do just that by adding table or chair massage for your bridal or wedding party!  We can come to your site (home, office, hotel, restaurant) with all supplies needed and provide a unique experience to make it even more memorable!  On-site chair or table massage can help you and your guests reduce stress and become more revitalized and focused.
Offering massages is also an ideal gift for the bride and groom to thank their families and attendants for their contributions to the big event.

We offer event massage in San Diego and the surrounding area.

Call Brenda at (619) 252-2736 or Marsha at (619) 977-5593 to find out how we can make your moment…