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Chair Massages - Perfect for so many different occasions...

CHAIR MASSAGESA GREAT way to Entertain Friends, Family, Co-workers, Clients, etc.Are you looking for an unique activity for your next function? Consider scheduling chair massages. People LOVE them since they're relaxing, fun and different!
We have given chair massages (with rave reviews) at: Birthday PartiesAnniversary CelebrationsWedding/Bridal PartiesThank You to Work AssociatesThank You to ClientsCompany PartiesExhibitions/Conventions - a wonderful way to draw people to your exhibit/boothGolf Tournaments, Sporting EventsYOU NAME IT, WE WILL COME!!
Individual massages from 5 - 30 minutes
Two-hour minimum per event

Call Massage Extraordinaire at (619) 295-3516
to schedule your Chair Massage Event!

We know your attendees will leave your special event
feeling Happy & Relaxed!

Did you ever think of getting a massage for your dog?

Massage for Four-Legged Clients
Did you know that there are massage therapists that specialize on four-legged clients, such as horses and dogs?  Massage therapists work in veterinarian offices, barns, tack rooms - wherever their animal clients call home.  Some therapists work on people, their horses and their dogs. There are some therapists that began their massage career working on humans while others specialized on animals first.  
"Many pet owners willingly invest in services to enhance their animal's well-being, even when they won't spend the money on themselves."   It is expected that US spending on pets will top $55 billion in 2013!
Animal massage therapists not only work on horses and dogs; they also may work on cats, ferrets, minks, rabbits, goats and sheep.  Massage can be used to help deliver babies by using acupressure points to help with contractions.
Interesting Fact - Often pets and their owners seem to suffer from the same ailments.  Active owners with…