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Be aware of what your body is telling you and listen to it!

There is no such thing as too many massages to be had but, considering that most of us don't have an endless supply of time or money, figuring out a massage plan is important. First of all focus in on what your desired result is. Are you recovering from a surgery or an injury? Have you been having chronic pain from a possible pinched nerve or have you been just completely stressed out and need to relax? Maybe none of the above applies and you are simply wanting to know often you should get a massage to help prevent any of these problems from happening in the first place. Read on to explore various reasons for getting massages and how often it is reasonable that you should find yourself on a massage table to obtain your desired results.
Injury/Surgery: Injury rehab is one of our specialties!  What happens when you are injured or have surgery is that scar tissue will develop in that area. More scar tissue develops than is necessary for the injured area. This impedes movement and can…

Not to be sexist, but men aren't as flexible!

There are exceptions to almost any rule, but in general males tends to be less flexible than females. Well, at least their bodies tend to be. Some of the reasons are scientific, such as the structure of the body and hormones as stated by many studies including a study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2010.  Other reasons are more anecdotal. Most men that I have worked with, including many professional athletes, admit that they do not stretch as much as they know they should. Also, many more women than men enjoy types of exercise regiments that incorporate stretching such as yoga. What ever the reasons, we need to loosen up our men! 

Flexibility. It's a wonderful word. The opposite would be rigidity and most of us aren't fans of that. I'm not only referring to muscles, but considering we are a massage establishment, the focus of this blog will be on muscle flexibility. 

The importance of muscle flexibility lies in the improved range of motion.…

Cramps! Help

Muscle Cramps Are The Worst!😬
 Some people experience cramping while on their bikes trying to finish a ride. Some will be assaulted with the pain towards the end of a marathon with the finishing banner just in sight. Others experience this piercing pain when they're trying to dose off to sleep.  Being a cyclist, I have participated in many cycling events and have seen riders on the side of the road, grabbing their hamstring, writhing in pain. Being a massage therapist I have seen calf cramps, foot cramps, side cramps, even little toe cramps while trying to give someone a relaxing, therapeutic or a sports massage. There are many ways and times that people will be overcome with cramping, but one thing is for sure, it's awful! Often massage therapists are asked about causes and remedies of this agonizing muscle phenomena. There are many different reasons why muscles cramp, but often it is due to dehydration, muscle fatigue and/or overall imbalance of electrolytes. "Eat a ban…