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Meet Roisin and Learn About Cupping---

Hi!  My name is Roisin Thompson.  I have been a massage therapist for the past 3 years.  Besides practicing massage at Massage Extraordinaire, I also am a acupuncturist.  My favorite modality for muscular pain is Cupping.  I use it often to accelerate recovery and ease local tension.
You may first have been exposed to cupping during the Rio Olympics when Michael Phelps used it as a medical therapy to help him win his most recent gold and silver medals!  I wanted to share some more information about this ancient Chinese medical practice.
Benefits of Cupping -Increase in circulation by decompressing the connective tissue surrounding tight musclesSpeeds healing and decreases recovery time by allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen into the muscle and carrying away metabolic wasteSpeeds recovery from athletic eventsReduces chronic painRelieves local tension"I have found cupping to be successful for students and professionals with tight shoulders, lumbar pain, muscle tension due to nerve…